project 3 Treasuring Time

Treasuring time for me is my childhood, the friendship in childhood is unforgetable, dey ar 4eva.
My design is for children, as they made a new friend, they can add one on their friendship tree. so in the end as they look back, they've got this huge tree full of 'friends', with their friends name and details, e.g birthday, phone number...etc


Bad Design

To be able to use the pen, you need to twist the top off. I did an experiment and found out that 100% of the users who used this pen for the first time, attempt to pull the top out straight away, but all failed, including myself.
The problem here is that the pen does not have any outstanding sign of the unusual way of openning the top, even though there is some hints as I circled in the photo on the right, but still can't tell the top has to be twisted off. This wasted the users time, twisting on and off, but still have its advantage for keeping the ink.

1. lable an twisting arrow, or the direction of the first move
2. print out or laser "twist to open"

Task 5 : Video Reflections - part 7(W10)


By following the development of three project designs, a modernised classic motorcycle, a motor scooter suited to conditions in India, and a futuristic range of interchangeable kitchen appliances. I learnt a lot about the design process from this vedio, such as, design brief, prototype, evaluation etc. As a designer, we have to work with others as a designing team, discusting ideas, drawing concepts, and showing to others then repeating thoes process again till the final product is made.


project 2: Postal Present

Cutting Diagram

The step-by-step transformation procedure





the end product is made out of iron sheet,using laser cut, so it not only can holds many heavy earrings but also can be easily banded by hands.

Earring hangger for ladies


Task 5 : Video Reflections - part 5 (week8)

my major take home message for this week was from Annie Leonards's 5 steps of the linear system, I notist that all products human manufacted have bad influence to the environment.
As resources and materials are very important for our design process, we should be carefull when we chossing materials, think about our environment.


project 1

Onion Chopper

No more tears and no more onion smell on your hands, my improved onion chopper has this rubbering 'rose' handle, which gives user a nice grip, and at the same time it can be a decoration in the kitchen, when friends come surprise them with it!

4 pleasures analysis:

  • easy to use and clean
  • nice decoration in the kitchen


  • talking point


  • easy to clean
  • save time
  • safety to use


  • sustainability

Target Market:
  • young lady ages around 18 - 29
  • living away from home, no kitchen experience so easy to get cut , also saves her time
  • love inviting friends to her place
  • maybe working as a hand model or love her nails

by pushing the 'rose' handle up and down, cut onion into pieces